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Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd based on Cumbria's Energy Coast provides high quality coatings to the NUCLEAR, MARINE, PETROCHEMICAL, CONSTRUCTIONS and OFFSHORE INDUSTRIES.

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Using automatically recycled chilled iron abrasive, we prepare substrates to BS EN ISO 8501 and to Swedish Standards SA2, SA2.5, or SA3. In addition, blasting media sieve checks are performed and 'TESTEX' blast profile readings are taken and recorded.
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Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are applied in a controlled environment to the Client's full specification. All work is subjected to a soluble salt test prior to work commencing using the BRESLE method.
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Multi-coat systems

Multi-coat systems

A large variety of coatings can be applied providing colour co-ordinated finishes or specialist protection to a variety of substrates including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium etc.
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We provide a Galvanising service with full Quality Certification to BS EN ISO 1461:2009, offering a 7-day turnaround of your work.
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Latest News

Training and Development award for Livingstone Surface Treatments

CN Business Awards 2015 at Carlisle Racecourse.  Training and Development winner Edward Blackmore (R) from Livingstone Surface Treatments from Haile, near Egremont recieves the award from Fergus McMorrow of sponsors NuGen WEDNESDAY 21st OCTOBER 2015. DAVID HOLLINS 50080986F016.jpg

CN Business Awards 2015 at Carlisle Racecourse.
Training and Development winner Edward Blackmore (R) from Livingstone Surface Treatments from Haile, near Egremont recieves the award from Fergus McMorrow of sponsors NuGen
WEDNESDAY 21st OCTOBER 2015. DAVID HOLLINS 50080986F016.jpg

Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd (Livingstone’s) were honoured at the CN Business Awards on Wednesday 21st October 2015, winning the coveted Training and Development Award, sponsored by NuGen.

Always a category with a high number of entries, the team at Livingstone’s were delighted to be shortlisted for the award which recognises companies with a positive commitment to the training and education of its employees, improving company performance and creating a committed and motivated workforce.

Livingstone’s is a family firm which supplies specialist corrosion control services to the nuclear, petrochemical, construction and offshore industries. Training of staff goes beyond practical applications like fork lift truck and manual handling, they also look after personal welfare with training in often overlooked areas like stress awareness and management.

Developing the business in 2014, Eddie Blackmore, Director at Livingstone’s became the North West trainer for ICATS (Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme). This not only enabled Livingstone’s staff to be trained in-house, it also offers up local opportunities, enabling Cumbrian businesses to train in the area. In conjunction with the Lakes College, the first course offered up a free training place, which ultimately led to a job offer with a local employer.

Commenting at the award ceremony, the judges said Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd was the stand out company in this category, highlighting that staff consistently remain loyal to the company because of the way they are trained and looked after.

Speaking after their win Eddie Blackmore, Director at Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd said “it was an honour to be shortlisted in this category and we were surprised and humbled to win. We are a family led firm with a strong commitment to training our staff. Looking at the changes in regulations and to move forward, it seemed a natural progression to expand our commitment to training by launching the ICATS training in our community. Even though we are a small company, we can make an even bigger impact, to the benefit of other Cumbrian companies and our economy. Corrosion costs the UK 3% of the GDP, so it’s important that we get better at protecting metalwork.”
Offering Lakes College student Nicky Pattinson a place on the ICATS course was our first foray at linking education and employment. Moving forward I can see potential for creating further practical links between college and local employers; the more of this we can do, the better for future generations of employees in West Cumbria. We need to keep the momentum going, so hopefully Nicky’s story will inspire more students to be determined and focused on improving their skills.”
For more information about the coating and galvanising services offered by Livingstone Surface Treatments, contact Eddie Blackmore on 01946 841191
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Cumbrian companies create and coat iconic Lakes Distillery gates

The secret of who created the iconic gates at the new Lakes Distillery at Bassenthwaite is out. Crafted in Cumbria, they were produced by well-known bespoke metalwork designer Alan Dawson and coated by Livingstone Surface Treatments near Egremont.
The initial idea for a set of decorative gates came from Lakes Distillery Chairman Nigel Mills who, on a visit to Californian vineyards, admired the elaborate entrance gates featuring vines and grapes. Back in the UK the team worked with their Design Consultants Hedley McEwan to create a video depicting a set of gates that told the story of the distillery.
Paul Currie, Managing Director at the Lakes Distillery said “We spoke to our Architect David Blair at Architects Plus and Ted Slater from our Engineering Consultants Tweddle & Slater – and they recommended Cumbrian bespoke metalworker Alan Dawson as the best person to turn the video concept into reality.
“Alan interpreted the idea and made it buildable. The gates include our logo and depict the ingredients in our products; you’ll spot the grains we use – wheat and barley plus botanical ingredients of the gin: juniper, meadowsweet, angelica, heather and hawthorn.”
“We were so impressed that we commissioned Alan to create a sculpture for our courtyard – it’s a simple, elegant representation of distilling with casks and a still.”
Made from 3/4 tonne of steel, the gates and sculpture were handed over to Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd who organised the protective and decorative coatings. Alan Dawson has been working with Livingstone’s for almost 25 years – one of their earliest collaborations was the coating for gates at Disney World in Paris, shortly followed by ornate gates for the Tuileries Gardens opposite the Louvres Museum in Paris.
Eddie Blackmore, Director at Livingstone Surface Treatments said “As corrosion engineers, everything we do is about protecting assets, be that for the nuclear industry or for ornate architecture and sculptures. Corrosion costs the UK 3% of the GDP, so it’s important that we get better at protecting metalwork.
The first stage of protection for the gates was to have them galvanised and treated with a mordant solution (a pre-treatment for galvanised steel), followed by two coats of micaceous iron oxide, widely used in highway maintenance and also on the Eifel Tower. This coating was selected by the Architects to give the impression of raw steel. It includes mica flakes suspended in the paint which gives it a more lively finish – and it shows up really well when the sun shines.”
The coatings on the gates are set to stand the test of time, and should not need maintenance until the first malt whisky produced at the Lakes Distillery is a mature 20 years old.
The Lakes Distillery has only been open since December 2014 but already the gates have become iconic. Paul Currie MD at the Lakes Distillery said “The reaction from visitors has been amazing and they love to have their picture taken in front of them. The initial video paved the way for the design, but we were not sure it could be achieved in reality. It’s very gratifying to know they could be produced in Cumbria.
“We met up when the gates were hung and had chance to talk about the detail of production. The technology involved is incredible, they’re not just a simple set of gates, and they’re something special – from all angles.”
For more information about the coating and galvanising services offered by Livingstone Surface Treatments, contact Eddie Blackmore on 01946 841191.

Cumbrian companies create and coat iconic Lakes Distillery gates

Celebrating our 40th Anniversary 1975-2015

cropped-logo1.jpgThis year, Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd is celebrating forty years in the corrosion industry. The operation began life 40 years ago as a power cleaning service, now it is the leading shot blasting and surface treatment provider in West Cumbria, serving international clients as well as those at Sellafield.

Set up by Mike and Barbara Livingstone in 1975, the company began life in Workington as Power Cleaning Services. They quietly became established as a ‘Shotblasting and Painting Contractor’.

Throughout the 1980’s the Livingstone Surface Treatment team continued to expanded their client base, working on architectural commissions that include dramatic architectural features for shopping centres – like the famous Peacock at Princes Square Glasgow, park instillations, many kilometres of railing for Euro Disney and elaborate rails for the Tuileries Gardens at Versailles. One of the most outstanding recent works are the new gates at the Lakes Distillery near Cockermouth.

In the late 1980’s the company received their first contract on the Sellafield site for jet cleaning boiler tubes. This helped increase awareness of the business and growth led to the opening of an in-house Shotblasting and Painting facility at Lillyhall near Workington in 1991.

In 1992 Eddie Blackmore joined the company, working his way up ‘through the shop floor’ to join the management team and in 2012, he became Operations Director. The business continued to work with existing clients like ABB, Dawson’s and Shepley’s and also won another contract on the Sellafield site, but the mid 1990’s were difficult times for Industry in West Cumbria.

During 1994 – 1996 many local companies were struggling to keep going. Mike and Barbara Livingstone were committed to supporting their client base and loyal workforce through this difficult time.

This commitment paid off and in 1997 they were the first business to occupy the Energy Coast Business Park at Haile, operating out of porta cabins. Today there are purpose built offices and workspace for the workforce. We were the first on this site and are now the only original business still here. We were attracted by its proximity to Sellafield and the space available and we knew it would give us greater reach to clients in Barrow and the south of the county.”

The extra production space means the coating facility can work on large, complex structures using decontamination and abrasive blast cleaning techniques to the highest standards including Class 1, Swedish Standard levels (SA1 to SA3) and ISO 8501-1.

Since their move to Haile the company has worked on over 15,000 contracts, ranging from painting school gates to large scale shotblasting and industrial coating work on vessels bound for Japan.

Now well established locally, and working on projects bound for the Far East, Australia and the USA, Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd has worked on components for the E-on Robin Rigg wind farm, The Morecambe Bay Gas Rigg projects, plus specialist coatings for the Astute class submarines at BAE Systems (Royal Navy’s largest and most powerful fleet of attack submarines.)

Their client portfolio continues to grow across the nuclear, oil and gas industries and have now extending their services to include training. Livingstone’s are now Industrial Coatings Applicators Training Scheme (ICATS) registered – one of only a handful in the country. Eddie Blackmore (MICorr) has also become the only official ICATS External Trainer in the North West.

The ICATS certification is now mandated for Sellafield, the Ministry of Defence, the Highways Agency, Network Rail and oil and gas facilities. Everyone working in the industry needs the accreditation to continue, so we weren’t surprised at high level of interest.”

Moving into the next decade, the business has a solid base and healthy client book. As Mike and Barbara Livingstone approach retirement they have a safe pair of hands in Eddie Blackmore who will soon take over as Managing Director. Eddie said “We firmly believe we owe our success and staying power to a committed team that provide a consistently high quality service.”

For more information about the shotblasting, protective coating, galvanising, inspection, consultancy or training services offered by Livingstone Surface Treatments, contact Eddie Blackmore on 01946 841191.