Multi-coat Systems

2012-07-23 10.20.01

As well as offering a strong and durable finish a multi coat system can also offer colour co-ordination, for example chevroned safety zones, hand railing, or fluorescent high-viz coatings.

Multi coat systems are generally used to ensure the chosen coating system is suitable for the steel works intended end use, it is generally chosen by category (C1 to C5) and expected durability from under 5 to over 15 years to first major maintenance.

C1 Heated buildings/neutral atmosphere

C2 Rural areas, low pollution

C3 Urban and industrial atmospheres, Moderate sulphur dioxide levels & Production areas with high humidity

C4 Industrial and coastal,Chemical processing plants

C5I Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres

C5M Marine, offshore*, estuaries, coastal areas with high salinity


High Durability >15 years to first major maintenance

Medium Durability 5-15 years to first major maintenance

Low Durability <5 years to first major maintenance

(BS EN ISO 9001:2008)

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