Livingstone Surface Treatments meets international standard to complete Japanese contract

Japan Export

(Posted 03/03/2015) Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd (Livingstone’s) has completed a contract for cleaning and coating 26 venturi pipes which have now set sail for Japan. It is the latest international order that Livingstone’s has despatched for client ABB Workington who require shot blasting and coating to the highest technical standards for their oil and gas clients.

ABB Japan awarded ABB Workington a contract to supply 26 venturi flow meters for Exxon Mobil  Mont Belvieu Plastics Plant, NAG project in Japan. West Cumbrian based Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd was awarded the contract for shot blasting and coating the vessels.

Livingstone’s received notification of the order at the end of 2014, and took delivery of the raw products on 20th January. With a ship booked to set to sail early February from Liverpool, they had a tight deadline in which to complete the work.

Eddie Blackmore, Director of Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd said “ABB has been a client for almost 20 years. They are leaders in power and automation technologies, enabling utility customers to improve their performance and lower environmental impact, they work all over the world. We’ve built up a good relationship and enjoy repeat international business with contracts in the Middle East, China, Australia, Korea and America as well as Japan.

‘Working with Sellafield clients, we’re used to the demands of high specifications, so were able to adapt to meet the exacting international Exxon Mobil specification for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.  We are a small firm and that gives us an advantage – both in our skill base and our flexibility.”

Wayne Scholey DP Products Manufacturing Planning Engineer at ABB Limited in Workington said “these units required specialised cleaning to allow high Temp resin to flow without contamination. This required a rapid turnaround to meet customer’s delivery. These were cleaned sealed with surface protection and painted to a three coat system and thanks to an outstanding effort from Livingstone Surface Treatments this was completed in a 10 day turnaround. Eddie and the team always go the extra mile to meet the stringent standards set by this industry; it is testament to the quality and integrity of an outstanding Cumbrian company.”

The order comprised of 26 venturis, the largest being 1.289m in diameter and 4.559m long. They arrived in their ‘raw’ state and left Livingstone’s blast cleaned inside with desiccant bags inside and the ends sealed to keep the damp air out on their long journey plus a protective coating system on the external faces.

Internally the vessels had to be blast cleaned to Class 1, which involved 3 different blast operations: G17 Grit, expendable and glass bead. The external coating system is complex: Shot blast to ISO 8501-1 followed by a three coat paint system comprising of an Inorganic zinc silicate, Epoxy intermediate coat and finally an Aliphatic acrylic polyurethane top coat.

Transporting the vessels was carried out by local haulage company Tyson Burridge of Distington who took the weighty load to Liverpool to meet the ship. The journey to Japan is expected to take around fifteen days.

For more information on the variety of coatings available contact Eddie Blackmore on 01946 841191 or visit

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