Industrial Coatings

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An industrial coating is a paint or coating defined by its protective, rather than its aesthetic properties, although it can provide both.

The most common use of industrial coatings is for corrosion control of steel structures such as offshore platforms, bridges and underground pipelines. Other functions include intumescent coatings for fire resistance.

The most common polymers used in industrial coatings are polyurethane, epoxy and moisture-cure urethane there are many types of industrial coatings including inorganic zinc and phosphate.

We offer heat resistant coatings capable of withstanding up to 540 degrees centigrade.

Intumescent Fire Proof coatings are also available, thin-film intumescent coatings for fire protection of structural steelwork providing up to 90 minutes protection from cellulosic fires.

(BS EN ISO 9001:2008)

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