Free ICATS Course

(Posted 23/04/2015) Eddie Blackmore, Director of Livingstone Surface Treatments Ltd and the official North West ICATS Trainer, has offered a free place on the first ICATS training course to be held in Cumbria. It has been given to a Painting and Decorating student from the Lakes College, in a drive to encourage and motivate youngsters who will be looking to fill the skills gap in the coming years.To celebrate the launch of the first course which began on Monday 13th April, Eddie Blackmore has offered a free place to a deserving student from The Lakes College at Workington. Consulting with Painting and Decorating Tutor Christine Steele, the college selected 20 year old Nicky Pattinson from Maryport. Nicky is studying Level 1 Diploma in Painting and Decorating and hopes to continue to Level 2 next year.

Christine Steele, College Tutor said “it’s a fantastic opportunity that Livingstone’s have offered the college, one that demonstrates commitment to young people of West Cumbria. This kind of introduction really motivates students and gives them an idea of what they could achieve in the future. We are very lucky to have the North West ICATS Trainer on our doorstep.

eddie blackmore nicky pattinson and christine steele

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